Friday, 21 September 2012

ODATA  restrictions in mscrm 2011:




· Max expansion 6
· Page size is fixed to max 50 records
· $top gives the total records returned across multiple pages
· When using with distinct queries, we are limited to the total (skip + top) record size = 5000.
· In CRM the distinct queries does not use paging cookie are and so we are limited by the CRM platform limitation to the 5000 record.
· One level of navigation property selection is allowed I.e.
· Conditions on only one group of attributes are allowed. By a group of attribute I am referring to a set of conditions joined by And/Or clause.
· The attribute group may be on the root entity
.../TaskSet?$expand=Contact_Tasks&$filter=Subject eq 'test' and Subject ne null
· (or) on the expanded entity.
.../TaskSet?$expand=Contact_Tasks&$filter=Contact_Tasks/FirstName eq '123‘
· Arithmetic, datetime and math operators are not supported
· Under string function we support Substringof, endswith, startswith
· Order are only allowed on the root entity.
· Only one level of navigation is allowed in any direction of a relationship. The relationship could be 1:N, N:1, N:N