Friday, 22 March 2013

Retrieving Marketing List members  in MSCRM  Statsic VS Dynamic:

Firstly, let’s identify the main difference between a static and dynamic Marketing List. A static Marketing List allows you to use Lookup or Advanced Find to add or remove members from the list. However, this is a manual process.
A dynamic Marketing List allows you to setup parameters to control which records will be added or removed from a list. For example, you can setup your dynamic Marketing List to include all Contacts who live in Auckland. Whenever a new Contact is created and has their City set to “Auckland”, CRM will automatically add them to the Marketing List.
The next important difference to note is the way in which Marketing List members are stored in the CRM database. Like Dynamics CRM 4.0, information regarding members belonging to a static Marketing List is stored in two tables. These are:
List – This table stores information about the Marketing List itself.
List Member – This is an intersect table which links a Contact, Account, or Lead to a particular Marketing List.
 Retrieving Marketing List Members in CRM 2011
For example, if we have a Contact in a static Marketing List, the intersect table will store the ContactId and the ListId to associate both records together.
Let’s contrast this with a dynamic Marketing List which doesn’t use the List or List Member tables at all. Instead, the Listtable stores a field called Query which stores a FetchXML query string to determine the Marketing List members. Carrying on with the example above, we would have a FetchXML representation of “all Contacts who live in Auckland”. When the Marketing List is opened in CRM and a user clicks on Marketing List Members, CRM will run the FetchXML query at runtime and display the results to the user.
 Retrieving Marketing List Members in CRM 2011