Friday, 7 June 2013

Twitter interface integration with mscrm 2011

In the sample below I will show you how to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Twitter on Account form. Below are the detailed steps:

* Save the below html code to an html file (Copy and paste into Notepad and then do a Save As)

<META charset=utf-8></HEAD>
<BODY contentEditable=true>
<SCRIPT src=""></SCRIPT>

var search = parent.document.forms[0];
new TWTR.Widget({version: 2,type: 'profile',rpp: 10,interval: 2000,width: 630,height: 300,theme: { shell: { background: 'transparent', color: '#333' },tweets: { background: 'transparent', color: '#333', links: '#c10000' }
features: { scrollbar: false, loop: true, live: false, hashtags: true, timestamp: true, avatars: true, toptweets: true, behavior: 'default' }


*Go to CRM, Settings, Customizations, Customize The System, Web Resources and Click the New button.
* Give the Web Resource a name and specify the type as a Web Page. Browse to the location where you saved your html file, select it and then press the save button.
* Customize the Account entity by going to Settings, Customizations, Customize the Solution, Entities, Leads, Form and add the Web Resource to the Main Form. Open up the Main Form, click the Insert tab and select the Web Resource that you just created.
* Save and Publish

You will now see a windows on the Account  form for the Twitter  interface. When you Can find top 10 Twits for this account