Monday, 7 October 2013

Business Rules in MSCRM 2013 (Notes)

Miscellaneous Topics
·         Business rules cannot be run across different entities. They have to be defined within the same entity.
·         By default, the business rules are always created in a deactivated/draft state and must be activated to start executing for the form.
·         If there are multiple business rules for a control, the rules will run in the order they were added to the system. The last modified business rule runs last.
·         If you try to delete an attribute that has an active associated business rules, an error is triggered:
            "Process Error"
·         Business Rules can run on the web client (all browsers), Outlook (online and offline), iPad and CRM for tablets. However, they can only be customized through the Web Client or Outlook (Online/connected mode).
·         A new privilege for “Activate Business rules” under the customization tab for security roles has been added. Without activating the business rule first, it will not be executed.
·         Business Rules are imported/exported with the entities that they are attached to. It is not possible to export or import just a collection of business rules.
·         If there are multiple solutions, business rules will be run in the order in which the solutions were imported and the latest installed solution’s rules will run last.
·         If you package a managed/unmanaged solution, the states of the Business rules will be transported as is into the target system:
1.       activated rules will be activated
2.       deactivated rules will be deactivated

·         There are no limits on number of actions that can be attached to the business rule.