Friday, 11 October 2013

MSCRM 2013 Image Data Type

In CRM 2011, images are stored in notes as MIME encoded text. As a result, images get converted to a displayable format for every read and no pre-cached thumbnails exist. In CRM 2013, images are being introduced as a first class data type. You can now add images as a field, capture/store images and improve query operations on images.
You can capture and maintain images for User Profile, Contacts and Leads, and Account logos.

Data Modelling
·         Image data type as a field type to the application customization experience.
·         Support for only one Image field per entity.
·         Image stored as binary data in the CRM database.
·         Resize images server-side to conserve storage space and improve performance.
    § Original image uploaded not saved.
·         CRUD Operations
   § Support standard CRUD operations of Images the same as any other CRM data type.

   § Reference images via URL- ability to include URL and binary data in a RetrieveMultiple or   FetchXML call.