Monday, 7 October 2013

Limitations for Business Rules in MSCRM 2013

Limitations for Business Rules
·         Business rules in this release are intended to address common actions. Compared to what a developer can do using form scripts, business rules have limitations. However, business rules are not intended to replace form scripts.
·         The primary limitation you may find compared to form scripts is that all conditions in the Business rules are evaluated using AND. All the conditions must be true before the actions will be applied. There is no support for OR or Else operators to provide for more complex logic. To apply OR in your conditions you need to create separate rules for each condition you want to test. This can be done efficiently by using the Save As option and creating separate rules for each condition you want to test.
·         Business rules run only when the form loads and when field values change. They do not run when a record is saved.
·         Business rules work only with fields. Form scripts can interact with other visible elements such as tabs and sections within the form
·         When you set a field value using a business rule, any OnChange event handlers for that field will not run. This is to reduce the potential for a circular reference which could lead to an infinite loop.
·         If a Business Rule references a field that is not present on a form, the rule will simply not run. There will be no error message.
·         Calling other javascript web resources in the system via the business rule editor is not possible.

·         There is no ability to connect to external data sources.