Friday, 11 October 2013

MSCRM 2013 Image Data Type Data Modeling

  • The display name can be set for images but SchemaName is always “entityImage” for any image-enabled entities and cannot be changed. 
  • The image data type is not searchable. 
  • A PrimaryImageAttribute metadata has been added to the entity. 
  • Only a single image attribute can be defined per OOB/custom entities. This helps keep storage in check especially for CRM online customers. 
  • PrimaryImageAttribute is set by default to the single “entityimage” attribute when it gets added to a custom entity. This is used to determine what image should be displayed in the header of the form. Note, that the grid does not display these images since that would require a smaller icon. 
  •  If there are no image attributes on the specific entity OR the system customizer has selected not to display any image for the entity, the PrimaryImageAttribute value would be set to [None].