Friday, 4 October 2013

Quick Forms in MSCRM 2013

Quick Forms:

A quick form is a special type of CRM form that gives you the ability to display data from related entities onto the main form of any entity.

Quick forms will also be known as “Quick View Forms” since this form can be placed inside other main forms. They are rendered as read only so that quick form’s fields are not editable when placed on another form


·         These forms can be exported/imported as part of solutions.
·         These forms can be created/updated or deleted through the SDK.
·         Quick forms can be created/modified using the main form editor.
·         Only sections, spacers, fields and subgrids can be added.
·         A single column tab is used for quick forms and this cannot be changed.
·         No iframe or webresources are allowed.
·         Notes controls are not allowed.
·         There is no header or footer in quick forms.