Friday, 11 October 2013

MSCRM 2011 Customizable Tooltips

In CRM 2011, tool tips are minimal and typically repeat the display name attribute of the field. These type of tool tips are useful for unlabeled UI, however most form fields have labels assigned to them and users need more information when entering or selecting data. Explanatory tooltips provide helpful text to address known user questions, explain terminology or concepts, and help end-users make good decisions to stay on task.

In CRM 2013, custom tooltips aim to improve the user experience by:

  •  Providing information on how to use and complete forms, right on the page.
  • Allowing organizations to display their business-specific information and processes to their users right in the CRM forms.

The system customizers can update tool tips when they are customizing an entity or entity attribute. The following points are to be noted:

Attribute Tool Tips
You can display entity attribute “Description” as tool tips on fields, buttons, etc. on existing forms for customizable entities. This will work against OOB and custom attributes.

Form Tool Tips
You can define tool tips to be displayed and the browser determines how the tool tip is displayed and for how long it would get displayed.

Rewritten Descriptions for Use as Tooltips – Refresh Forms
Specifically for Refresh Forms: All descriptions that can be displayed on the forms have now been rewritten for use as customizable tooltips.

Standard Customization Path
You can customize these tool tips simply by editing Description via the Settings > Customization UI> Form editor or field editor.